The quantified Matthias

I use a variety of sensors, apps and web sites to track my fitness and (eventual) weight loss.

Fitness data flowIn this diagram, rectangles are sensors/inputs, rounded rectangles are iPhone apps and ovals are web sites/servers that store my data. Arrows indicate which way data flow.

Looks kinda complex, doesn’t it? It’s mostly complex because, unless you’re buying ALL of your fitness tracking devices from one company, the various sites don’t like talking to each other on the scale that I demand. Furthermore, there is no granular control over which data is sent where. For example, linking Withings to Fitbit, and then both to Runkeeper means Withings sends your weight data to Fitbit, and then both Withings and Fitbit send that data to Runkeeper. You get double entries, clog up your feed and annoy your friends. I use Syncmetrics to tidy some of the syncing up, but unfortunately it can’t do everything I want it to (yet).

I’m going to write a series of rants/blog posts about each of the devices and apps I use, and how they all work together to help me lose weight.


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