Continuing fermenting adventures

Since watching Michael Pollan’s Cooked documentary series couple of weeks ago, I’ve been inspired to take up fermenting Sauerkraut* again.

Making Sauerkraut is something I dabbled with last year. I bought a small fermenting jar suitable for a small kitchen, but was immediately hamstrung by just how small it was – it couldn’t even fit half a cabbage in it! I made a few batches of Sauerkraut, experimenting with both white and red cabbage and spices like caraway and juniper berries.

Unfortunately, I invariably overfilled the small jar and the fermentation process caused the contents of the jar to try and escape, making an awful mess in the process. This discouraged me (I can be easily discouraged, sometimes) and I put it in the “too hard” basket.

Mad Millie fermenting crock with ceramic weights
Mad Millie fermenting crock with ceramic weights

As I said, though, Cooked inspired me to try again, so one night I drunkenly ordered a modestly-sized fermenting crock and gave it another shot. The crock is advertised as taking “up to two medium-sized cabbages”. This must mean that the cabbages in Perth are large, as I couldn’t fit both in there! Thankfully, I still had my smaller fermenting jar to take the excess.

I now have a large batch of plain Sauerkraut and a small batch with caraway that will be ready in early April. Once they’re done, I planning to get stuck into kimchi…

* I capitalise it because I’m German. Nouns are capitalised in German, so there.