I am a combination of curious and easily-bored, so I have projects to keep me entertained.

Home automation

I’m using a collection of sensors and doodads to automate the behaviour of my house. It’s not terribly complex – the most sophisticated thing it does is automatically turn on the lights for me when I get home after dark.

Nudi page

I am building a catalogue of nudibranchs and other sea slugs that live in the southwest of Western Australia. Criteria for inclusion:

  • Temperate water
  • Seen by me
  • Photographed by me

All photos on the page are reusable under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution licence.


I like making sauerkraut from scratch – the only ingredients are salt, cabbage a little bit of water and sometimes spices like caraway or juniper berries.


Extending my sauerkraut fermenting adventures, I am trying my hand at sourdough. My only previous experience baking bread was to make a beer bread and paleo “brioche” cashew bread.