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Our first day in Vienna marked another thirty two thousand steps (give or take a hundred). I had already made a lunch reservation at Fieglmüller (who claim to have invented the Wiener Schnitzel), so we spent the morning wondering around the Vienna city centre with all the other tourists.

Cathedrals, palaces, and gardens are the theme here. I didn’t bother taking photos, for the most part, because any search engine will find better photos for you.

Lunch itself was quite tasty. The Schnitzel was the size of a dinner plate and is served with just a lemon to squeeze over it. It’s the nasty Germans who add the delicious, delicous mushroom sauce to creat the Jägerschnitzel.

We walked lunch off by indulging my partner’s appetite for vintage homewares and fashion - we visited a few and were propositioned by one shop owner. I think it was a joke. I think (Aussies! I love you guys!)

The day ended with a visit to Ølhavn because I was starting to get sick of drinking boring lagers.