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Prague is a lovely and beautiful city. Shame about all the tourists.

The other day, after checking into our room and having a post-flight shower, we went out for a walk through the “old town” - the medieval heart of Prague with delightfully winding and narrow streets. It was absolutely choked with tourists and, to be honest, not a very pleasant place to be.

Yes I understand that I’m in no position to complain about the tourists, being one of them myself.

Prague seems very popular with the “I’m about to get married” crowd, and we’ve seen quite a few packs of young men wearing matching, custom-made tshirts proclaiming the end of someone’s “freedom”.

Over the past couple of days we’ve learned that the tourists only really seem to start moving at about ten in the morning, which gives early risers like us a few hours to wander around the tourist area and enjoy the architecture.

Narrow street with multiple levels

The downside to wandering the tourist areas before the rest of the tourists wake up is that there’s nowhere to get breakfast.