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I’m not great at planning and organising. I rely heavily on automated systems to help me get through my day. I’m not good at keeping fish alive, but my dog is very good at reminding me that it’s time to go for a walk.

One of my superpowers is forgetting to do things that I’ve been asked to do, unless it’s been written down somewhere and I get constant reminders that it needs to be done.

Another superpower of mine is ignoring reminders about things that need to be. My dog gets walked and fed every day without the need for a computer to tell me to do it, but the monthly worming tablet reminder will repeat every day until I check that box in my to-do list.

So if I remember to put something in my to-do list, there’s a great chance it will get done.

The problem there is that if someone asks me to do something in passing or while my mind is concentrating on a different task, it never makes it do the to-do list.