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For many, Salzburg is the town of Mozart. He was born here, and as you walk through the town you can find his balls everywhere.

For my partner, Salzburg is the town of the Sound of Music, with many locations from the film.

However, of the two meadows used in the film, one (“The Hills are Alive”) is private property in Germany and the other (“Doh Re Mi”) is near a town called Werfen.

Today we headed down from Salzburg to Werfen by train to follow the “Sound of Music trail”, which leads from the tourist office up to the Doh Re Mi meadow.

Access denied

Well, that was the plan. We found (what we thought was) the first marker for the trail and dutifully followed it until we found ourselves at a closed section, with no indication of a detour.

Somewhat disappointed, we headed back down to the town and discovered a big sign for the trail with a small notice indicating that it was closed and there were other recommended routes.

By this time we had already done a fair bit of walking for the day, were running low on water, and on Sunday there wasn’t a single shop open in Werfen for us to buy more water.

Oh well. Maybe next time we come to Salzburg. If ever.