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Yeah okay so next time I go to Europe I’m going to try one of these direct flights. I want to go to Italy so maybe Perth to Rome? It’s a mind-numbing 16 hours to get from PER to FCO. That being said, including the stopover it took 21 hours and 35 minutes to get from Perth to Prague.

Didn’t sleep a wink. I was in the middle seat and the passenger in the aisle seat was very comfortable as he manspread his way into my space while he slept.

Caught up on some TV shows, though. Also watched most of a French Netflix series called Furies, which I didn’t hate. Yes I had to read subtitles (I know enough French to order a meal but conversationally I’m not great) but it didn’t require much more brainpower than that.

We arrived home on time, at least. A quick taxi ride home and time for bed.