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Flew from Prague to Doha today. My plan was to try and sleep through the whole flight in an attempt to pre-empt jetlag. I took some melatonin when I got to the airport. Fell asleep before take off and woke up when the seat belt light was turned off.

Thankfully, due to it being our second time at Doha Airport, we knew the nicest place to hang out and made a beeline there. Also had our first American franchise junk food of the trip in the form of some onion rings and fries from Burger King. Turns out that Burger King in Doha still uses the “old” onion rings that are uniform in size and shape (Hungry Jacks in Australia has been making onion rings out of actual rings of onion for a couple of years now).

It’s interesting to see what offerings the American junk food franchises have in different countries. We glanced at a McDonalds in Prague but didn’t notice anything. In Doha, we noticed a paneer burger, but weren’t hungry enough to order one.

Long flight coming up next…