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Now with the power of a laptop, I bring you photos!

We landed as the sun ws rising in Doha at five in the morning. The temperature was already 30 degrees. I would have loved for Doha airport to have had an outdoor terrace past immigration so that layover passengers can enjoy some of the desert ambience.

Good morning Doha

Instead, I got an indoor aboretum that was an artificial oasis of calm from the crowds in the shops and restaurants. Several people were practicing yoga.

The Orchard at Hamid International Airport in Doha

(Please note 15-hours-in-transit hair)

Apart from spotting some misogynist racism at a bar when an angry customer yelled at one of the staff to speak in Arabic (in English), the strangest part of being in Doha was seeing the city itself off in the distance but knowing that I’d probably never visit.

The closest I got