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As promised, I’m on a trip - I’m privileged to be the co-chair of a conference taking place in Prague next week.

We’re in the travel time warp, typing this first bit at Hamid International Airport in Doha, Qatar. We arrived in the old part of the airport, which was crowded and depressing. I knew that there was an indoor arboretum, which is where we’re sitting now, charging various devices. It is much, much more pleasant than the loud food court.

I have a little bit of an explorer mindset “what’s over there?”, but unfortunately it’s countered by my “I know what I have right here” mindset. Even if what I have in my hand is imperfect, the risk of the thing over there being worse makes me stay where I am.

This post is being published three days late on my second morning in Prague. I’m disgusted with myself.