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The Pedal Comet is an inexpensive ebike from 99 Bikes, a chain of bicycle stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Pedal Comet bike

Although I would prefer to ride my more traditional bicycle to work as often as possible, the ebike adds more flexibility as I can get to work without turning into a sweaty mess and needing a shower. This means I can avoid using the car when I sleep in or have to do some chores before work.

Unfortunately for a nerd like me, the bike is so inexpensive that they seem to have forgotten to include the manuals for all the ebike components, such as the motor (a Bafang SWXH6 250W), the battery (“Samsung”), and the LCD display (labelled only as “Key Disp”).

Thankfully, using my librarian powers I was able to determine the model number for the LCD display (KD21C) and get a copy of its manual. The manual details all of the button presses you need to make to access the settings menu and change various options.

Please be careful, however, as the settings menu lets you change the maximum assist speed of the motor. Increasing the speed might let you go faster, but it will probably have a negative impact on your battery life and, even worse, you might be breaking the law in your state or country.